Marketing With Articles: Your Style Guide for Success

Marketing with Articles is probably the most popular way to promote a website online today. Many Internet Marketers choose marketing with articles as the only means of driving relevant traffic to their websites. The largest learning curve in Article Marketing is knowing when and how to adjust your writing style to fit the kind of message you are expressing. Are you trying to sell a product or service? Or are you trying to win readership to your blog through an educational piece? Writing articles becomes easy once you know the different styles of marketing with articles. Use each style at the correct time and watch your online business grow!

Article Style #1: Review Articles

Use this style if you are promoting a product on your site that you use in your everyday life or have used at least once. You should write from a first hand experience as this will provide your readers with an honest evaluation of the product. People like choosing products based on real life, so there is no better way to convince your reader they need the product. Offer details that make the reader feel they need the product to improve their life. If you are writing a negative review, extend another product that is satisfactory.

Article Style #2: Recommendation Articles

This approach to marketing with articles is similar to a review article but you are writing with a softer approach. Your audience has a problem and your recommendations will absolutely resolve the issue. This writing style is great if the problem you are addressing is large because you can recommend more than one product thus increasing your sales. Be careful not write with a sale in mind, people do not like to be “sold” on a product.

Article Style #3: How To Articles

Know the way to do something hands down? Identify the “problem” in the first paragraph and proceed to share your step by step guide that teaches your reader how to accomplish the procedure. This is your opportunity to win readership with your expert knowledge. You then follow up your advice with a product that makes your how to guide easier.

Article Style #4: Educational Articles

This style of article is used to educate your readers. You are not selling them anything, you are merely winning your readers over with your knowledge of a topic. Educational articles are the best way to gain readership for your blog because you quickly gain a reputation of being an expert in your niche. Submit this style to article directories and provide a link back to your site in hopes the reader will want to continue learning from you.

Article Style #5: Sales Articles

The only intent of this article is to sell a product or service to your reader. Your writing should be very persuasive and should be written on buying keywords. Meaning the article will be able to be found by people who are ready to purchase. With this writing style you include any affiliate links you have and hope your buyer clicks through and makes the purchase.

Remember the headline of your article needs to be catchy enough to make the person want to click and read your article. Make sure you are writing your articles around keywords you are attempting to get listed for in the search engines. Your keyword research will come in handy in helping your determine what style to choose. The more marketing with articles you do the better you will become at it.

If you have chosen to use Article Marketing as your main method of marketing, you have chosen wisely. Now that you can identify writing styles and the best use for them, you will need to determine how the styles fit into your Article Marketing S

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